Sunday, October 2, 2011

Show Season!

Not too many years ago the phrase "Show Season" meant something very different to me. Maddy (my dear daughter) was majorly into horses for the first 13-or-so years of her life. For those of you who have been down that path and done the horse show thing, you know what I mean when I say that there are some interesting sights, smells and sounds associated with that type of show. You rise early to load the horses on the trailer and arrive at the arena with the sun sometimes. Sweaty and smelly are two words that come to mind, and the horses are too. There's major nerves as the (mostly) girls try to look perfect and clean in their blazers, jodphurs, knee-high boots and velvet helmets while the horse do everything they can to mess these same girls up. And it's so much fun when you've just finished prepping and thoroughly grooming a horse that then decides to take a good roll in his neighbors' excrement. And have you even been around a group of pre-teen and teenaged girls that are not only competing, but also relying on their ability to control the whims of a massive and powerful animal? I'm amazed we survived it all...So Craft Show Season, with all of its challenges, seems like a walk in the park (pun intended) after all of that.

Waiting to enter the ring...
It was all worth it!

Although it poured down rain Friday night and the forecast for Saturday wasn't looking much better, the Wenonah Harvest Craft Fair finally kicked off without a hitch, and the sun even came out by mid-morning and blessed us with it's rays on a cool fall day.

My space was tucked away in a back corner under the trees so I was a bit concerned no one would find me, but my fears were unfounded and I had a rather successful day.
The booth...mostly set up

I was surprised at how many Christmas GiftAgain bags I sold. I've got some major sewing to do before my next show in mid-November! Looks like I'll be spending the proceeds from this show on fabric...(Goody! Goody!)

What I love most about craft shows is getting out and meeting so many new people. I spend a lot of time in my studio either sewing, planning or at my laptop, and I love to burrow in work on my own, but when I finally emerge into such a social event I realize how much I've actually missed people!

A little treat for all my new friends

Thanks to all who stopped by to make a purchase or just say hello, and special thanks to my husband Kyle for all his help with set-up, tear-down, and kid-wrangling in between.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for my big announcement and the kick-off of my giveaway!



  1. I used to show horses myself(hunter jumper) as a teenager and young adult so I totally know what you mean about show season. Great picture!

    Congrats on the craft show success.

  2. I've only done one craft show so far but I agree, it's a great way to meet new people. Your space looks lovely and so do your bags.

  3. Your booth looks great! It looks like you had a good day. I'd love to do a craft show, but aren't quite there...yet! :)