Saturday, October 15, 2011

Etsy Search Ads Experiment Results, Day 2

Good Saturday morning! Looking out my window I see blue skies and the willow in my front yard swaying in the breeze. That same window is open just a bit and I can feel a cool, crisp breeze on my legs that lets me know that fall has indeed returned to South Jersey. YIPPEE!!!

Now that I've dispensed with the weather report, on to more serious things...the numbers. If you're just joining me, I am doing an experiment by participating in the Etsy Search Ads campaign and reporting my results here. You can read my posts of October 13 & 14 to get caught up.

So here we go...Results as of about 8:00 this morning:
  • Money spent                                                                     $1.45
  • Impressions                                                                       1,445
  • Views                                                                                      8
  • Favorites                                                                                  0
  • Orders                                                                                     0
  • Revenue                                                                                   0
That's a lot of zeroes in the categories that count :(. Still, I'm only out $1.45, which is a lot less that it costs to by a $7 showcase spot. Maybe Fridays are slow...Let's see how today goes.

Like yesterday I can't bear to be all numbersy on you and leave you with nothing fun or inspiring, so here's a picture of something I hung in my kitchen yesterday. It reflects my idea of a harmonious home.

Enjoy today like it's your last! Carpe diem!


  1. Love the sign, do no love the etsy ads, LOL.

  2. I have read so many negative articles on the Etsy ads. Mostly stating that they are not worth the money. I anxious to see your final results.

  3. thanks for posting about the Etsy ads - I'm curious to see the end result too.

  4. Glad you love the sign Nina. My charming 14 yr old son is standing here mocking it. Grrrrrrr

  5. I haven't heard any positives about the Etsy Ads.
    Thanks for the stats. Helpful info.