Friday, September 30, 2011

Tomorrow...Only a Day Away?

It looks like fall will finally arrive in South Jersey tomorrow! WOOHOO!! I love the weather, recipes, clothing, colors...pretty much all of it. It just shouldn't be 84 degrees on the last day of September, but according to the thermometer I drove by earlier, that's what is was.

So, to celebrate the change of weather I will rise early and haul my canopy, table, shelves, quilts, bags, change and large thermos of coffee about 15 minutes down the road to Wenonah Park and set up for the first craft show of the season (with the help of my hardworking husband who is getting up early on a much needed day off just to be my roadie). Chances are I won't be posting tomorrow, but stop by Sunday for some pictures from the show and the word on how it went.

And don't forget--BIG NEWS and the kick-off of my first give-away on Monday! Don't miss it!


  1. Ps. I was supposed to post that and then get up and finish the million and one little things I have left to do before the show....but instead I'm sitting here catching up on some blog reading...I have met some terrific and fascinating people since venturing into the blogosphere :)

  2. Good luck with your show! I hope it's nice and brisk for you. :) I think we finally lost our humidity here and have needed a blanket the past few nights. Hooray!