Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's Important

This will be my last blog post for a few days. Something's come up that needs my attention and I'm pretty sure I will be on the speechless side for the better part of the week.

You may recall that I recently mentioned visiting my beloved Aunt and Uncle. This Aunt is my Dad's sister and she has always been very special to me, and even more so since my dad passed away suddenly 5 years ago. My home situation was pretty crazy growing up--addiction, divorce, financial struggles...We weren't exactly the Waltons (does anybody even know who the Waltons are anymore?). In the midst of it all there was I place I could go that was like heaven to me, and that was my Aunt's house. And when my grandmother died, this same Aunt became the mother of our extended family and all gatherings, celebrations and sorrows were shared at her home. She is just awesome.

Easter, 1970'ish
My Aunt in the center with me in front and her husband behind her in the red jacket,
my mom and grandmother to the left of my uncle, and my grandfather to his right.
My four favorite cousins fill out the bunch.

Not long ago her husband's heart problems became acute and we thought he was lost, but thanks to modern medicine he received this amazing little pump that doctors surgically implanted in him that does the work that his heart is no longer capable of. This device is usually used to keep patients alive who are waiting for a heart transplant, but at 78 my uncle is no longer a transplant candidate. We must satisfy ourselves with the extra year or two that this pump is expected to give him.

Unfortunately I received a call last week from my Aunt telling me that her husband of almost 60 years had a stroke on the way to visit his cardiologist in Boston. Since that initial stroke he's had at least two more and there is no way for doctors to stop the clotting that will soon end his time here with us. Their sons have been there as much as possible, but right now my Aunt is alone and awaiting the inevitable. This is not acceptable to me, so tomorrow I will pack up and head north and east to sit by her side, and my uncle's, for a few days. My focus will be them and their needs, so I'm pressing the pause button on this blog for a bit.

Because people are important. And although death is an inevitable part of life, facing it alone should not be.


  1. I agree, death should not be faced alone. God be with you!

  2. wow, I am so sorry to hear. I had a good friend's dad pass away this week and I know that being alone would be a terrible thing to do to someone. Your aunt is lucky to have someone like you to keep her company. God Bless.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your uncle's time is so short. I'm so glad you are there for your aunt. I did something the same for my mother and uncle when my grandmother passed. It was sad for me but much harder for them. Blessings on you and your family.

  4. So sorry to hear the news Scrappy, the last line of this post speaks volumes. Safe travels in your journey and God bless. Will be looking forward to your next blog post when you`re ready to come back.