Sunday, October 16, 2011

Etsy Search Ads Experiment Results, Day 3

Here we are again! I'm on Day 3 of my Search Ads experiment and can't even begin to tell you how underwhelmed I am at the results. Here are the numbers:
  • Money spent                                                          $2.26
  • Impressions                                                            2,265
  • Views                                                                         10
  • Favorites                                                                       1
  • Orders                                                                          0
  • Revenue                                                                        0
I actually had someone favorite a gift bag through this campain, but as you can see, still no revenue. What I'm seeing here is that people are in fact searching on my tags, but they aren't viewing much and they certainly aren't buying. A question that arises for me is what percentage of the people doing the searches are actually legitimate buyers? I do a lot searches when making treasuries, but I'm not necessarily looking to buy at that time.

Question for my readers: what types of outside (of etsy) advertising have you used and how effective has it been? Have any of you tried Google AdWords?

Ok. Enough with the mercenary stuff. I have a few tasks I need to complete today and am determined to be focused and organized and actually get them done. First and foremost, some time ago I committed to write a post for the EBT Blog. In the craziness of opening the new shop--and life and general--I have allowed this task to fall between the cracks. At the beginning of the week I had an idea that I thought would help get me motivated, and that was to invite someone from the Blog Team to collaborate with me on the article. She agreed and has now submitted her portion to me, so it's time to ante up here. (And thanks to my coauthor for stepping up and helping me :)

So here's a reminder to my coauthor Kristen (you should check out her blog!) who I recently told needs a to-do-list intervention, and to all the rest of us overachievers, that load shared is a load halved.

Peace out!


  1. Thanks for the info on the Ads. I've done many searches looking for items to include in Treasuries with no intention of buying anything. I look forward to reading your EBT Blog post. I'm fairly new to blogging.

  2. I never thought of treasury searches! That is a really good point. I've spent lots of time searching for treasuries without any intention of buying (though I do favorite some!).

    It was fun to coauthor a post! Kind of reminded me of writing an essay, which I haven't done in a very long time. :) And yes, yes, I do need a to-do list intervention, but maybe I can just consider it a weekend to-do list now! (And the hubs did take one, so we shared!)

  3. Good point about the treasury thing. I am frustrated with Etsy right now. Before the search changes I was having about 10 sales a month. I am down to 3:( Glad you are posting this stuff... makes me feel no so alone!

    Looking forward to reading the EBT post!