Thursday, September 22, 2011


I thought the fact that I disappeared in the midst of a how to series deserved a quick explanation...As I mentioned in my Dear Blog post I have a craft show rapidly approaching--for those of you in my area, stop by Wenonah Park on Saturday before 4:00 to say hi! Couple the preparations for that with the happy fact that my BFF rolled into town Tuesday night (she's got the booth next to mine at the craft show)and we're playing working hard getting ready for the show. I had every intention of continuing to blog this week, but am facing reality and admitting that it's much more reality-based to tell myself (and you) that I will be back Monday. I'll finish up my how to series for those of you who are hanging on the edge of your seats, dedicate a post to the show with pics and all, and maybe throw another fun treasury at you.

So, until Monday...Cheers!

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