Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy Day Comforts

This morning finds me sitting on the porch treasuring my coffee and the sound of rain falling gently on the roof. I love days like this...
The slower pace,
the hint of fall in the air,
the smell of bread baking in the oven,
curling up with a good book,
a purring cat,
a warm little dog snoring softly,
and the gift of time to drink it all in...


  1. Me too : )

    It is raining in London too.


  2. We are on day 2 of a big rain after 2 weeks of no nain. That is bad with TN clay..your yard turns into a brick! The grass was getting brown and crispy. It has basically rained nonstop for 2 days..we are supposed to get 6-10 inches.They called of school today for my 9 yr old..some of the back roads have flooding. We had a tree down across our driveway this morning and my husband had to handsaw his way out on his way to work at 3 in the morning. I believe a new chainsaw is on his "to buy" list! I love rainy days too as long as it is not scary rain. Something about that overcast light and raindrops on the windowpanes is so diamond-like and pretty! Have a great day hunkering down! (I am stuck inside w/ 2 crazy boys 3 and 9yrs old..I already had to nix "wrasslin" and then they moved to dancing which within 2 minutes morphed to "kick dancing"..BOYS! lol) Julia

  3. I feel your pain, Julia! I have two boys of my own, but they're a little older and that fighting is usually in words only these days...school starts tomorrow here. Hoping for no more flooding as we had our share with Irene and I don't hink I could handle any more summer break. The kids are definitely ready to go back, even if they don't know it :)

  4. Lovely peaceful thoughts, Nancy. I love this time of year for all those reasons (I have too much bread laying around or I'd be making bread today).

  5. I love rainy days, unless of course I have outdoor plans.

    Love the photo! I love those kinds of photos.