Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I wanted to take a quick moment this evening to apologize for neglecting you. We have become such good friends over these past few months, so I would imagine it's rather confusing when I just up and abandon you for a few days. You see, lately I've been spending so much time with you that I've been remiss in tending to a few tasks.

Yesterday as the sun was shining encouragingly through the big window in my foyer a beam happened to land in a particular corner and you wouldn't believe what I've heard of dust bunnies? Forget about those. I had dust dinosaurs! Fortunately they were of the plant eating variety, but if left for much longer it's anyone's guess what they would've evolved into.

I don't know about you Blog, but cleaning tends to make me hungry so my next stop was the fridge. Man it's bright in there when all those glass shelves are empty! Next stop: the pantry. More dust dinosaurs. Needless to say, more cleaning ensued, immediately followed by grocery shopping on an empty stomach (never a good idea). Lucky me though! I got out with only one cart this time! A few things fell off in the parking lot, but nothing I couldn't salvage. You know Blog, I always leave the store after a big shopping trip with a sense of accomplishment. That lasts until I get home and realize I have to unload, put away, prepare and clean up after all of that food I just purchased, not to mention playing pantry police so my hungry family doesn't eat all their favorites the first weekend.

Then Blog, there's next weekend's craft show in Wenonah to prepare for. As much as I love spending time with you, I can only spend so much time writing about all the things that need to be done. Eventually, I have to step away from the keyboard and actually DO things!

Now it's Saturday night Blog, and I am more than ready to kick back with a glass of Cabernet and a good book, but I couldn't do so without first letting you know that I haven't forgotten about you (or those who might stop by to visit you). Sleep well and don't forget, tomorrow's Sunday. It's ok to take the day off. I mean, God did!



  1. This is too funny! I hate the after-grocery routine, too. Like all the meat that needs to be separated, packed, and frozen, or the fruit that needs to be washed and cut up, and on and on. Glad it was a productive day, though. We are working on our bathroom reno, and let's just say it's slow going. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Found you on the Etsy Blog Team. Life seems to be pulling us all in a million different directions, but it's nice to sit back and enjoy the Sunday morning blogs!

  3. Who needs the Sunday paper anymore?

  4. Your blog looks comforting and understanding, I'm sure you'll work things out;)

  5. My theory here is that the dust dinosaurs ate all the food in the fridge and the pantry. Unfortunately, my hubby didn't agree so I've had to do some time budgeting. My blog has missed me quite a bit lately. I used to post daily but am lucky to get here a few times a week now. This is the first I've met up with you. I'm signing up to follow tonight.

  6. Your mom really likes the Sunday paper. Just don't have time to sit down and read it.

    Love ya