Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Human Pinball (can you relate?)

What a busy day yesterday was! My minivan has 110,000+ miles on it and a permanent impression of my backside in the driver's seat. I felt like a pinball by the time I went to bed last night, but there was so much good stuff packed in to the day that I was a smiling pinball.

Bragging time: my day started off at my daughter's high school with a 7:00 breakfast in honor of those students who receive Student of the Month awards. She was nominated by her Latin teacher on behalf of the World Languages department and this is the 2nd time she has received the honor from that department having been nominated by her Spanish teacher in her freshman year. I'm so proud of all three of my children in so many ways. They are unique and special people that I'm honored to know. Maddy is such a bright, motivated and hardworking student. She ranks 7th in her class of almost 400, carries a massive courseload with four AP classes (her choice, not mine!) and a 4.0 GPA. It is my sincere hope that all of my blog friends stay healthy, but if you are in need of surgery 10 years or so from now, who knows? Maybe it will be my daughter performing it!

After that it was off to the orthodontist with my 14 year old son Kit where he spent a grueling hour in the chair getting his molars wrapped in metal and generally trying to imagine himself elsewhere. Last night was rough. Things are not right in there and he couldn't eat or talk for the wires jabbing into the inside of his cheeks. Guess where we're going this afternoon?

Yesterday was also "Lunch with a Friend" day at my youngest son Brett's school. He LOVES having mom bring him a special lunch (subway BLT and a cherry coke) and hang out with him in the cafeteria and I wouldn't miss it for the world, but we're barely 2 weeks out of summer vacation! I think it would have made a bit more sense to do it around February...

There's always some after school activity that has me driving back to the school to pick someone (usually Maddy) up, and yesterday was no exception. Of course, neither is today...

Then there was piano lessons last night. Are you getting what I mean by the pinball analogy?

Finally, I was able to sit down for our Wednesday night tradition: Comedy on ABC. Modern Family gets a lot of public attention and we love that show, but The Middle? That's pretty much us with a few variations, and it never fails to make me laugh HARD :) Sitting without a steering wheel in front of me allowed me to at last finish the quilt I've been working on--the one I featured in my How-To series. So I won't show you pictures of my daughter's breakfast, Kit's swollen and bleeding mouth, or Brett's luncheon, and I won't make you listen to piano, but here's a pic of the finished quilt:
Like it?

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  1. Beautiful quilt! I totally get the pinball analogy, though mine right now is trying to keep the house clean through renovation, making trips to Home Depot and other home stores that we usually wouldn't be making (like, now. As in, we need to get that stuff NOW!), keeping up with a toddler and a dog, and all the other stuff. Good luck juggling it all and keeping up with your great kids!