Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Feature: Meet the Staff

It's a gloomy, post-Irene Sunday here at ScrappyTudeStudios. We weathered the storm and are grateful that Irene calmed herself down a bit before she made landfall in NJ.

I thought I'd launch a new feature today entitled "Meet the Staff". There's no way I could get all this creativity flowing without the invaluable assistance of my behind-the-scenes helpers, so without further ado meet the CNO of ScrappyTudeStudios:

Chip - Chief Nap Officer (CNO), ScrappyTudeStudios 

Chip's primary duties involve showering the owner of STS (me) with unconditional love, writing grant applications, and daily reminders that the answer to that post-lunch slump isn't always a cup of coffee. He has an MBA from Harvard and has worked at numerous Fortune 500 companies. When recently approached to replace Steve Jobs he was tempted to leave STS, but found the iron-clad contract impossible to break and Apple unable to match his current benefits package. Being a yorkie-poo makes him the perfect fit for STS as his allergy-free hair causes no issues for our clients.

Chip wanted me to be sure to give you all a sneak peek at the next quilt we'll be rolling out at STS. It's the perfect day to stay inside and work on a little applique...

Coming soon to an etsy shop near you!

Come back tomorrow when I will post an interview with a real person! ;-)


  1. Chip is just too adorable. You think I could persuade him to work for me?! Hehe.

  2. such a cute glad you are ok, we only got wind and rain....hope your day is grand!

    enjoy *~*