Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little Muscial Snack for Your Day

Up until a little over 3 years my family and I lived in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Although it wasn't my "hometown" we were there for 13 years, owned our first (and 2nd) homes there, and had all 3 of our children at West Penn Hospital. It felt like home.

Pittsburgh has many awesome features. I'm no sports fanatic, but Steeler's football will always be a Sunday afternoon tradition in my house. And the Penguins? Hockey rules! But to me the best thing the city offered was (and still very much is) WYEP. They play the best mix of music I have heard anywhere (including my own Pandora stations) and have excellent dj's who follow the station's creedo "Where the Music Matters". I still stream it live over the interent in my studio, which has more than once caused some serious weather confusion for me (apparently, we have different weather in Philly).

WYEP has introduced me to many amazing new artists. Take, for instance, Michael Franti. They were playing him long before he hit mainstream radio and his album Yell Fire, with his band Spearhead, is still in heavy rotation on my iPod. But handsdown, my favorite Franti tune comes from a little solo accoustic album he put out called Songs from the Front Porch. Today I felt inspired to pause from the finishing of my fall batik quilt and share my favorite Franti song with you. It's entitled Sometimes, and is currently #1 on my playlist (look down and's can't miss it).

Where do you go for your music fix? Who's your dealer? ;)


  1. Love "Sometimes" but never heard this acoustic version. Thanks Seester! As for my music dealer, I'll tell anybody who'll listen: the best radio station in the Hudson Valley is WKZE.

  2. And here I thought you were a WDST fan, Shiksa!