Friday, August 26, 2011

Challenges and Triumphs

What a morning! It seemed harmless enough when the alarm went off at 6:30...I mean, the auto-program on the coffee maker had my brew ready when I came down the stairs, the car started so I could get Maddy where she needed to be, the garage door opener worked and the sun came out enough that I could take the quilt pics I needed to take. Sounds pretty good, right? Yup. Right until I sat down at the computer and tried to start a Facebook Fan Page for my business. That's when things really started to go south. I'll spare you all the gorey details and just say that I clicked a few wrong buttons and wound up sending a whole bunch of people a friend request for a new personal page with my name (not my business) and no picture. There was no easy fix. I was embarassed and super frustrated. But that's life and I'm moving on!

Enter my new twitter account! I'm a 100% newbie to twitter, but it seems pretty easy even for me in my technologically challenged state. I'm shamelessly seeking followers, so if you're interested pop over and click all the right buttons to make it happen, and while you're there, wish me luck!

My other success this morning I owe in large part to God, who saw fit to let the sun shine enough for me to take the pictures I need to list my newly completed Fall Batik quilt that I mentioned in a previous post.

Pop over to my shop and take a better look! And head on over to my playlist for my song of the day. There's something about folk music that makes me feel all fallish :) so have a helping of Nick Drake to ease you into your day.


  1. Just started following your twitter! I use it a lot more than I ever thought I would. Don't get frustrated with it- it's not as bad as it seems. :) I love that quilt, it's really beautiful. I need to learn how to quilt!

  2. Love the new quilt. Beautiful!!

  3. Love this quilt. Beautiful colors. And Twitter is a piece of cake, especially if you auto-post your blog feeds.