Monday, August 8, 2011

Philly airport, 6:15 A.M. & what happens to your blog when you have a new iPad...

It's only 6:15 in the morning and I already have a sense of accomplishment. Kids up (including teens), luggage loaded, car turned over to valet, luggage checked and we're through security and at our gate breakfasted and ready to board in plenty of time. Not bad for someone who only slept about three hours...

That's how my ambitious, if slightly deluded, day started about 18 hours ago. You see, I arrived at the airport thinking that the new iPad my sweet husband bought me last week would be my ticket to staying connected (and particularly jumping into blogging with both feet). I didn't factor into that vision the appeal of said iPad to my 14 year old son who HAD to play Fruit Ninja and rent and download a movie before our flight boarded. I decided that I would set a good example in sharing and indulge him, because I was certain that while we were waiting for our connection in Chicago I could hop online and get right down to business. Who knew Chicago wouldn't have free wifi?

Next stop, Denver...deplane, find badly needed iced soy latte, grab bags off carousel (ALL OF THEM! God is good :), meet up with my mom, picnic lunch at Red Rocks (and I have to say WOW! I need to go back there when my daughter is feeling better and I can roam around with my camera), and then an hour plus in the car before finally arriving at Mom's in Leadville. All-in-all a really good trip that went very smoothly, but here it is almost 11:30 here (1:30 am in my body) and I'm finally finishing this post.

So all of the deep and inspired things I hoped to share today have been lost in a haze of fatigue and oxygen deprivation (elevation here approximately 11,000 feet). But I have met my goal nonetheless and completed another post. I hope you've enjoyed your visit!


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